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qianp2k wrote:

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I am sorry Peter, try this link :

It should work. If not, just consider I have low threshold on sharpness

Nice photo! I said earlier studio portrait is not the best place to judge sharpness but landscape with lots of fine details.  I have many similar photos from 1" cameras and mFT.  You'd apply NR and smoothness anyway on portrait photos.  The difference will be oblivious in landscape photos.

Happy is relative and respective during specific time period. People happy on B&W TV during that time, people happy on color TV later, people happy on CRT TV then and happy on LED HD TV now. When 4K monitor get popular and cheap and eventually 8K monitor another 5-10 yrs later, you'd be happier with 36mp or more resolution.

You are right, that means now we are difficult (or can not) to be happy just CRT TV.

Honesty, I remember that I was happier when I got my first digital camera (Kodak 2 MP) rather than when I got my first FF (5DII). I don't know if I will happy at all if I got my first MF

You are happy at respective time and may happy less with higher diminishing return

BTW, I see your another thread. In thumb of rule, larger sensor better IQ, better sharpness and resolution. 50mp MF > 50mp FF > 50mp APS-C > 50mp mFT > 50mp 1" provided sensors have the same QE (quantum efficiency)

Yes, I could understand that logic.

Why? Simple because larger sensor, less enlargement in pixels when project to output at the same size, so-called crop factor or crop penalty.

Assuming the lens is not outresolved by the sensor, do you think the smaller one still can keep up with the larger one (for the resolution or sharpness) ?

No. 50mp FF and 50mp APS-C only the same on MP quantity before glass. Never the same after glass.

For example, imagine a lens is designed that could record 6000 dot in 35mm linear and both can be used on any sensor.

With 35 FF sensor area, it will record 6000 x 4000 dot (or 24 MP worth of data)

With mFT sensor area, the sensor will use 25% of the lens, so it will record 3000 x 2000 dot (or 6 MP worth of data)

WHAT IF ... both sensors (FF & mFT) have only 6 MP sensor ???

Both ended up with only 3000 x 2000 dot recorded, thus has the same resolution, no ?

No. Let me use two old DXOmark's test that show MTF data not MPIX with 85/1.8 and 100L/2.8 macro between 12.8mp 5D and 18mp 7D.

On paper, 18mp 7D should have a higher resolution than 12.8mp 5D. Yes on sensor's MP but different story after glass where crop factor kicks in.

Please read these two articles that will help you to understand better.

You see 5D with either lens clearly has higher MTF 50 resolution that matters to human eyes most, even higher on MTF 20 resolution. What 7D higher is on MTF 15 and below resolution (that 7D's curve extends). However if you read above articles, you will know human eyes virtually cannot detect MTF 20 or below details that buried in low contrast noise/grain.

That's reason why DXO claims a 12mp FF could be sharper than a 18mp APS-C here

Otherwise if 18mp crop = 18mp FF, then those PJs should use 18mp 2.0x crop instead of 18mp 1DX with much smaller/lighter lenses, 12-35/2.8 and 35-100/2.8 zoom instead of bulky 24-70L/2.8 II and 70-200L/2.8 IS II, 300mm prime instead of big/heavy 600mm prime. The reality is that they never the same, not even close. They'd have to design and optimize 12-35/1.4 and 35-100/1.4 zoom, not only likely still inferior but much bigger/heavier and even impossible to design such zoom. Check old Olympus 35-100/2.0 zoom (without IS) for its FT DSLRs such as E-3 and E-5, that is even heavier/bigger than Canon 70-200L/2.8 IS II but only FF eq F4.0 zoom.  How many still use E-3/E-5 with that zoom at side of sport fields?

Otherwise Nokia 41mp should have higher resolution than 36mp D800 and A7R or 22mp 5D3. The reality is that it even never can generate sharp photos as from my old 12mp 5D (I have too many samples can show).

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