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Richard DK wrote:

Bonjour Mon Ami; Any chance of a english translation.

Dick K.
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Don't have the time to do a good job, but GT effort isn't so bad

1. Presentation
2 . Video, yes ... but not really 4K
3 . AF , exposure metering ... everything is new
4. .. With optional Wi-Fi card
Pricing and Availability 5.
6 . First review
Features 7 .

Pentax 645Z front with an optical
With the 645Z , Pentax also spends his medium format CMOS sensor.

With Pentax and 645Z , these are the three heavyweights medium format have now turned the page of the CCD sensor. As Hasselblad and PhaseOne , Pentax has chosen a CMOS probably from Sony . It measures 43.8 x 32.8 mm , shows a slightly higher resolution MP 50 , thus capturing images of 8265 x 6192 pixels , and is free from low-pass filter .
Enticing on paper ... In addition , Pentax has played a card much "reflex" by giving the 654Z a demented ISO sensitivity ( ISO 204800 ) , and by providing good video recording capabilities . From there to think that the 645Z is made to walk on the beds SLR 24x36 premium , there is only one step. Especially since the 645Z can reach 3 fps continuous JPEG fine ... "only" , but it is already a good performance for medium format !

Pentax 645Z back with swivel screen
The Pentax 645Z has a swivel LCD screen ideal for video or referred to on screen. Why is it not touch ! !
Video , yes ... but not really 4K
As seen above, the 645Z is capable of recording video. And technical data refers to 4K resolution . But do not get carried away , there is no 4K video in the proper sense of the term, because if the 645Z has a mode " 4K Interval" , it is actually a time lapse sequences made ​​generating 4K a maximum of 2000 views with a minimum of two seconds between each of them ( and a maximum of 24 hours between two views) . Not true 4K then, but that would produce " timelapses " at least interesting !

Pentax 645Z handle with remote terminal

Regarding recording videos , it suffices to sequences Full HD 30p or 60i, recorded in MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 or MJPEG, all with stereo miking directly on the housing ( in more than one socket to connect an external stereo microphone) . The recording time is limited to 25 minutes, cutting a security check before this deadline if the internal enclosure temperature becomes too high. Once again , we deplore the lack of headphone output , a must to check the quality of sound capture tool. Yet it is neither the place nor the price that could curb Pentax ...

Pentax 645Z top view
Few changes in the housing 645 . Recasting is largely internal.

CMOS also allows the use of the 645Z in Live View mode on screen, providing extra comfort for complex frames ( ground level height tripod ... ) .
AF , exposure metering ... everything is new
Returning to the case. The least we can say is that the Pentax 645D has seriously spicy . In fact, besides the increase in ISO , the passage of CCD and CMOS 10MP gain in definition (which in itself is already huge) , everything has been improved considerably.

The development was done on 11 points, including 9 cross ; is now entrusted to SAFOX 11 and his 27 points, including 25 cross . It works - 3EV to 18 EV . Ditto for exposure metering , formerly made ​​of 77 segments and now entrusted to a RGB sensor 86000 pixels.

Pentax sealing gaskets 645Z
Points sealing 645Z Pentax .

The LCD screen has also been improved. It now measures 8 cm, displays more than one million points , and it is tilting . Abandoned housing USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 prefers faster . A little regret ? Yes, no card UHS- II or -III USH , the latest standard in rigor able to swallow the voluminous files 645Z .

As the 645D , the new housing does not seem comes with software for work in online mode. One mistake that we reported in our test 645D , and has probably put off some photographers for studio work , including for reproduction . It took several months for Pentax deign sale (over 250 € ... ) software ( Pentax Image Transmitter) for remote control from a computer. Even fight with 645Z . And if the brand looks good compatibility with Image Transmitter 2 , we have no indication of availability.
Fi .. with an option card
This absence is all the more surprising that the 645Z is compatible with 16GB card FLUCARD O- FC1 ( developed specifically for Pentax ) that allows an iOS or Android device to take control remotely and wirelessly. Pentax does not specify whether it will be possible to transfer files (at least JPEG) on the terminal.

Pentax 645Z memory cards
No compatibility with USH card UHS- II or III , but the possibility of remote Wi -Fi with Flucard .

Otherwise , one will find a shutter to 1/4000 s and a maximum optical sighting covering 98 % of the field . Of course , the case has finished any time one of the good habits in Pentax- Ricoh had already provided the 645D . And to finish on a similarity if there is one thing that Pentax has hardly changed, that is the case. The ergonomics are quite similar since the 645D ... some buttons have been moved, since the screen is now mobile, but regulars 645D find there quickly!
Pricing and Availability
The Pentax 645D has already hit the headlines in his time with a really good rate for a 40 Megapixel medium format . Offered at € 7,990 , the 645Z remains the cheapest CMOS housing market ... by far! It will be available at the end of June.

Pentax 645Z Battery Grip
First impressions
The Pentax 645 was a nice case . An interesting alternative to Hasselblad and PhaseOne competitors. But the 645Z takes quite a distinct turn that operated by rivals. If all went CMOS Sony , Pentax is the only one pushing the ISO as far ... entrusting his 645Z maximum sensitivity worthy of a great sport reflex . Remains to be seen how it handles the growing ISO , the data sheet is not doing anything, but on paper, this is a particularly exciting development. It makes way more versatile format and much less dependent on his studio and his regular lighting. In short , the transition to CMOS contemplated by Pentax is as bold interesting, much less conventional and technically superior to those offered by Hasselblad and PhaseOne . Another bang is of course the price. Other ways formats are all positioned beyond € 25,000 for a less attractive datasheet.

Of course , we have some regrets, as the absence of an immediate solution to work in online mode wired to facilitate work in the studio or the presence of a touch screen. We also regret that Pentax has not pushed the 4K video mode to really surprise everyone and have totally forgotten the headphone jack ..

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