Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: Was all set to get the X-T1...

gxtoast wrote:

For the last few months I have been researching small high quality cameras and had pretty much decided that the X-T1 and the Fujinon lens system was going to be the right direction for me. Everything about the system makes so much sense. However...

It wasn't until a week ago that I finally had the opportunity to walk into a store and try out the X-T1, E-M1, and the A7. In total I have spent about six hours playing with the three and from a purely ergonomic and handling perspective the surprise elephant in the room was not the X-T1 as I had expected, but the E-M1. The E-M1 absolutely stood out for me as an amazing design with an incredible set of well implemented features.

I mean I have been drooling over the X-T1 for months and expected it to be an excellent entry into the enthusiast level of photography but it just had so many issues compared to the E-M1:

1. That utter nightmare of a four-way controller;
2. The function button at the front that ALWAYS gets pushed by accident;
3. Poor zoom interface for review of captured images;
4. No touch screen, unlike the E-M1's that makes it simple to select a focus point, and to pan a review image, touch to change focus while in video mode (very nice feature);
5. Not so good button/knob placement that forces me to use two hands often (only the power button on the E-M1 will sometimes require two hands);
6. The dedicated button arrangement appears messy to me and doesn't contribute to a consistent usability experience (the E-M1's 2x2 modal system using modifier buttons is a dream);
7. I found that the X-T1 forced me to bring the camera down to change settings, whereas the E-M1 required less interruption such as pushing the camera forward slightly to turn knobs (this is likely to happen less as I grow accustomed);
8. The X-T1's grip isn't enough for me (and I have medium sized hands) - whereas the E-M1's grip is very nice;
9. I think the EVF on the E-M1 was less likely to black out shadows and was overall clearer than the X-T1 (although, I felt the A7's EVF was better than both - very clear and crisp, at least when compared in the shop);
10. Video is better on the E-M1 and this is very important for me. The E-M1 is no GH4 (or GH3) but has a minimum quality and capability that the X-T1 doesn't have;

I can't believe I would end up posting a comment like this about the X-T1, as it was the camera I was definitely going to get. But now I can't imagine living with it's strange usability that seems so incongruous with my own handling logic. I found that using the features of the E-M1 was fluid and the X-T1 was not.

It's a crying shame because Fuji have a great reputation, seemingly fantastic lenses in a range which is clear and does make a tonne of sense to me, and the X-T1 has a sensor (and size of glass) that will provide more flexibility and shooting options than the E-M1 - at least that is my growing perception.

Ahhhggg! Give me the E-M1 with the X-Trans sensor and Fuji glass and I'll be happy to carry this camera with me all day, every day.

Great points. I was contemplating trading my E-M1 for an X-T1, but am hesitant due to the X-T1's controls. Plus, I'd definitely miss IBIS.

BTW, if video is important for you, check out the Panasonic GH-4.


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