Decided To Upgrade... To The V2

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Re: IMHO, it's a no-brainer at the Canadian Price

dougjgreen1 wrote:

MarsObserver wrote:

Well, after much thought, I've decided to upgrade from my V1 to... the V2.

Why the V2 and not the V3?

1. The V3's $1289 cdn price tag is hard for me to justify compared to the V2's $489

2. Despite the Franken-camera look, the V2 ergonomics feel VERY good in hand, and functional (and it actually looks much better in person then it does in pictures)

3. I actually like the idea of the V3's removable viewfinder, but in actuality I'd likely have it mounted most the time anyways, so the V2's built in EVF is maybe a bit of a bonus

4. I don't use wireless and I like to transfer photos to my PC/lightroom via card reader - so the SD is a better option for me than micro SD

5. As a camera I often have in my jacket or cargo shorts pocket, the fact that the V2 is the lightest of the V series is a benefit

6. slightly better low light performance

Why I may consider the V3 later if/when there is a substantial decrease in price:

1. I'd love the bit of extra sharpness that the lack of AA filter would provide

2. Tilt LCD sure would be nice - touch screen too

3. It looks sexy!!

At the U.S. price, it's a completely different story. I remain astonished that the camera is selling for under $450 US equivalent in Canada, while it costs $850 in the U.S.

Fortunately, you can buy them from Canada and have them sent to the U.S. as I did, from Henry's.

Me too

I think the step up is a good idea... I did and I'm real happy the change


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