Since Lightroom is so good, what do you use Photoshop for?

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Give LR cloning / healing a speed boost

soloryb wrote:

Sutherland wrote:

On the subject of the adjustment brush and spot removal tool in LR, Adobe has stated on their website that "The Spot Removal Tool and Local Corrections Brush are not designed for hundreds to thousands of corrections. If your image contains many (hundreds) of localized adjustments, consider using a pixel-based editing application such as Photoshop for that level of correction."

In my case, it's not hundreds to thousands of corrections before I go to PS for these local corrections.

Been there, done that. I once tried to remove about 250 spots and scratches (from an old scanned negative) in LR and the program just slowed down until it froze. PS has no problem handling such a demand.


If you want to do major heal / clone work in LR, you can give the program a major (!!!) speed boost in two ways:

(1) do the cloning / healing first, before you add any other adjustments. Or, if you insist on having tone corrections in place, at least do it before you adjust sharpening, noise reduction, or lens geometry. LR responds to your clone / heal movements much more swiftly and smoothly if it doesn't have to compute through other adjustments to render them.

(2) Flip into PV2003 while you're doing your cloning / healing, then flip back to PV 2012 to adjust / process your shot. Since PV2003 was designed to work on computers from 11 years ago, it's *lightning* fast on today's machines; and since you'll flip back into PV2012 to perform your tonal corrections, sharpening, etc., you won't miss out on the latest and greatest RAW conversion.


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