Should I be impressed? J1 - a7 shoot out?

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Re: Should I be impressed? J1 - a7 shoot out?

Blanko00 wrote:

Are you sure the new J wouldn't be a good fit? Or for that matter one of the new APS-C compacts? Or, given what you're demonstrating, maybe your current J1 is just fine?

Reading the preceding conversation, one of the biggest problems when learning photography, with the current crop of cameras and in particular the Nikon 1s is access to photocentric controls. When I learnt photography at uni we all had a Pentax K1000 or Olympus OM10, with the manual adaptor. You could just 'work' these cameras. I think that level of nanual access is really important when your learning. I don't really see the new Nikon 1 releases improving on that. I feel they're great if you just want the camera to make decisions, or if you're a set it and forget type of photographer. Nothing wrong with either approach, but if you wanna get 'under the hood' the 1 just isn't great.

If you've a Ricoh dealer near you, try handling the new APS-C GR. It's like a photographer designed it. I've owned Ricoh cameras in the past, for manipulating settings, few DSLRs are this well thought out. The lenses are sharp as a tack. It gives you 90% of what a Leica gives you, at a fraction of the cost. Then again, if you don't like 28mm, it ain't no good, but I'd still recommend handling, just to see how a camera should feel.

For a boat trip water-resistance is essential — is the Ricoh GR water resistant?!

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Unfortunatly, the GR (and Nikon Coolpix A) are not weather sealed.

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