Ken Rockwell - most hated guy in Photography?

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Re: get over it

Gabor Esperon wrote:

Scott Eaton wrote:

>>>Not that it matters much but film still have a couple of advantages, DR and large format resolution are far beyond what current digital can produce for example.

You then turn around and take a digital picture of the film with a digital camera (film scanner). That's....stupid.

Still the scans, degrading the negative image, were used as a comparison base against the digital image on that article. If you say it is stupid, I guess it must be, but it doesn't negate the results.

What is even sillier is that he thinks a scanner is the same as a digital camera.  Don't worry about Scott...he's a longtime film hater.

An original capture of a scene with digital is superior than a digital capture of a 2nd generation chemical based image. Film users just want random number generators.


More of his nonsensical rants

Also, the DR of film is non-linear and doesn't respond to density range in a predictable fashion. that's 12th stop of information in color neg film doesn't occupy the same integral as the 4th stop, etc.

Digital capture *is* linear.



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