Prospective D800 Owner Seeks Lens Advice

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Truman Prevatt wrote:


Before buying lenses, I would suggest you determine what you what to do with your photography and then select lenses to support that. For example I have been doing photography and even developed and taught photography courses for over 40 years. I do not own a lens wider than 35mm. Why, do don't find the perspective I get from a wider field of view pleasing. If I don't personally find it pleasing then how to I use it to convey a vision? Many a great photographer used only one or two lenses. Taking into account that the D300 is a crop lens figure out which lenses you gravitated to with the D300 and then those should be the first lens(es) you buy. Do you like to take candids on the street - then you should look at fast lenses that aren't too big as to scare off your subjects. Use them and if you find yourself wanting longer or shorter - then you can add lenses. Personally I stick with the "normal range" of field of view - 35 mm to 105 mm. However, I do have a Nikkor 180 f2.8 AFD for a specialized need.

Start with the focal lengths that you have used the most on your D300 (adjusting for crop) and then if (or when) you find there is a hole you need to fill, you will be a much wiser consumer.

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How insightful. Read your post, then looked up at an "art wall" my artist wife and I have in our great room. Half of my captures are wide landscapes; the remainder wild life close ups taken with 70-300 zoom. Compounding the discovery of this dichotomy is my recent inspiration to explore street photography. I'm even booking a week-long Paris street photography workshop next year. Can you recommend a good psychiatrist?!

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