Cactus RF60 HSS

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Re: Cactus RF60 HSS

You have to connect the YN622C to the V5 with the pc-> 3.5mm cord to get the pre signal to work to allow for HSS to work. Through the center pin on the hot shoe it is not a pre signal.  And yes you put the YN622C on top of the camera, then the v5 on top of it connected with the sync cable.  I then had my RF60 off camera set in HSS mode in slave I turned the optical slave off that is auto enabled with HSS mode. I had my camera set to manual, I believe if you do TTL you may have to adjust the timing, however this can be done easily on the delay option on the RF60. It was syncing at 1/8000 fine. I tried the same with my canon 580EXII and basically got very very close to the same exposure.  Think about it I have 5 of these things. And I have a bracket that can hold 4 and I can add an additional 2 flash plate.  Can you say some outside overpower the sun awesomeness in a 28 inch softbox?

So say we do 5 RF60s's that is 139 each soo 695 total. You add a v5 which is 39$ and then a YN622C which is what 45? = 749 without tax.

Now we try the same thing with say a YN568EX So 189x5=945 + 6x YN622C's =534= 1579

Now with Canon 580EXII's 440x 5 = 2000 x 6YN622C's = 534 = 2534

Of course with the last 2 you get TTL.

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