Have Fuji fixed the lens mount wiggling problem on XE2 and XT1?

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Re: Have Fuji fixed the lens mount wiggling problem on XE2 and XT1?

Edward Chatlos wrote:

Let me ask. This Wiggle you are asking about is it a up/down/left/right movement or are you talking about a slight rotational movement once the lens is locked onto the mount?

Rotational movement. It has something to do with excess clearance between a slot and a locking pin I think.

If a rotational movement that is perfectly normal and every camera I have ever owned does this.

May I ask which camera? I don't have such problem with Canon and Sony.

With small and light lens, it is not noticeable. There is enough friction to prevent the rotation.

But if the lens is long and heavy, you will have one hand grips the lens, one lens grip the camera. Because more force is being used, it generates enough moment to cause the rotation back and forth. I an hear the noise as well.

Is it a problem? not short term. Long term, yes. The camera electrical contact may wear out prematurely. The gold layer is only a few micron thick. As a connector design engineer, I know this is not desirable. I would not permit this in my product.

(btw, I don't work for any camera manufacture).

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