Leica T is out, but for who?

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Les Lammers
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Re: fortunately and unfortunately ...

Franka T.L. wrote:

Well well, unfortunately there is plenty of truth in your words ... despite owing and using Leica for decades and been very faithful fans, I must say since the days of the M4-P I've seen Leica's downward spiral from reputable equipment Mfr to Boutique brand. Not that I am saying that they made lousy product ( as some boutique brand do ) but really they are after style, fashion, and alike more than really innovate and engineer ...

Fortunately though we have choice these days ...

Leica in its past eras were king once because they provide the most reliable robust ( though a bit outdated ) technology as a camera / lens setup that deliver. Today they still deliver, but so do others. IS that price premium really worth it. One had to question.

There is always the saying about the Leica Mystique or quality, but as one who come from shooting medium format and large format. I can say for sure quality is always that much ... My Leica M can do great imaging with its 50/2.0 summicron but my Hasselblad with its 80mm Planar can sing around it easily and it cost even less. That kind of imaging prowness is similar today in form of the various digital platform we have around today. And especially for mirrorless which is still a developing gene.

So yes the question thus asked, what's the T for or rather whose it for, is really a QUESTION indeed. For this individual the T is a fresh entry, interesting one for Leica but sorry it does not really bring much ( if any ) new to the table and I can see no particular reason why it should be ( even against its own siblings )

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- Franka -

I see it as another over priced underperforming product but if you want a Red Dot......

I used Leica M's in the past too. Excellent lenses but digital and PP is the great equalizer.

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