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Re: Software on an Apple

Edward Chatlos wrote:

bjzwaan wrote:

Edward Chatlos wrote:

Fuji's MyFinePix certainly does run under OS X.

Look here.

Is that true? Because then my problem world be solved.

I probably wasn't clearing enough, but I was aiming at the information for the camera settings, not the more universal exif information. For that I guess I need Fuji software.



Not sure you will get the actual camera settings you used for each shot even with the Fuji MyFinePix studio software installed.

I just opened it on my Win 7 PC and I don't even get the EXIF data.

What settings are you looking for? this is what I get in LR and Bridge.

Thanks for the feedback. What I am looking for are the settings such as colour mode, highlight and shadow etc. It is important for me to learn what the effects are in the image. Silly of Fuji not to keep their software up to date.

Cheers, Bas

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