One of the first pictures I ever made with a DSLR, how to get all sharp?

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Re: How to get all sharp?

Cingen wrote:

A slight update:

I'm about to leave to a camera shop to see if they spot any issues, and ask if they could possibly to a fine tune / troubleshoot with me present (so I can learn from it for future reference). I'll prob end up making a fool of myself if it's completely user error but whatever

Alright, the guy from the shop took a quick look at it (official nikon representative, its the shop that does the belgian repairs so i guess he knows what he talks about, he even threw in an entire lesson about how sharpness works, stuff I knew from this very thread but I was too embarassed to interupt) and he said everything seems to be fine at first glance. He did say that the lens is the limiting factor in my setup simply because of it being on the lower end. Time for more practicing then!

Don't be led astray by salesmen. That lens is one of Nikon's best, zoom or otherwise.

There are some images on this thread including another one that I was pleased with:

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