Uh oh. What did I do? A6000/16-70 purchase.

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Re: Lingering concerns

trax87 wrote:

It's easy to get excited about the purchase around here :). But I have to admit, I am still a little uneasy about my decision. Not because I question the camera or the lens, but because I feel as though I might be moving a little faster than is warranted.

Not to pull too far off topic, but when I purchased my NEX 6 (w/16-50 and 55-210), I was essentially a newbie with interchangeable lenses and was (reasonably) advised to get comfortable with the camera and lenses and not to buy anything else. Nonetheless, I purchased the original 19mm and 30mm Sigmas because of the great deal on them. I later sold both of them (for what I paid) and purchased the 35/1.8 because I wanted a good low light lens. More recently I purchased the 16mm with ultra-wide adapter because I wanted to play around with wide angle and that was an inexpensive way to do so.

Now I have jumped on this deal because I had been looking at the 16-70 anyway, yet I still have concerns/questions about Sony's long term plans and have considered (and continue to consider) DSLRs and m4/3 for speed in the first case (although the A6000 might prove to make that issue moot) and for the broad selection of native lens choices in the case of both.

The bottom line is that I am a hobbyist and find myself investing a lot of money even though I am still not completely certain what I want/need. Unfortunately I find that it is necessary for me to try things for a reasonable period of time to determine if it is right for me. I just hope that I don't wind up burning through a lot of money unnecessarily in the process. Digression over!

Oh don't worry...the feeling that you have now is absolutely normal :-).  Almost everyone here have been through this.  Next thing you know, you will fine excuses for your purchase :-))).  Welcome to the club buddy!!!


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