Leica T is out, but for who?

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Re: T Mount the new Leica FF AF mount?

Ken Sky wrote:

Why didn't Leica just join the E/FE system? The make outstanding lenses but they're way behind the technology curve in bodies. If all they're catering too is well heeled aficionados then they could have taken a page from Hasselblad and used the "guts" of a Sony body. As is, this is a Sony NEX 3 sensor surrounded by mostly 2 year old technology. Does any photographer really care if the body was polished by ostrich testicle 4000 times? It's an insult to Leica fans.

The Alpha E system is not open for any manufacturer to join, like M4/3.  I think only the mount dimensions are open, so everyone can make MF lens for it.  Sigma presumably cracked the codes and get AF.  So, joining E and developing your own cameras is not viable.  Cloning like Hassy would limit one to lens development only.  That will end up like Zeiss today, not bad as a side business for them.  But that would not be Leica's goal.  And FF mirrorless should have 3+ players to develop, both camera and market-wise.

In contrast to your view on using a 2-year old sensro from SONY (if it is indeed true), I think it is smart to use well-established technology as a stepping stone, it is cheap and easy to buy from the manufacturer.

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