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Brian Hursey wrote:

ktownbill wrote:

Brian Hursey wrote:

Looks like to get HSS or hypersync to work it is either through the ttl protocol, or optically see the flash pre sync. You cant do that from the center pin trigger signal. The camera needs to think it has an HSS flash on camera. The RF60 will see the pre signal then go into HSS pulse mode. So right now the only option is optically, which both the RF60 and V6 have. I am going to do further testing today, although its not the most idea situation if your only focus is HSS. However its cheaper than buying 400$ flashes. I am going to do some more testing today. What type of camera do you have?

I understand getting HSS via optical mode but above you also said thru ttl protocol? Please explain.

I use 7D and 5Dm3 cameras.

What I meant was you need ttl to get it to work. The camera has to think there is a ttl flash on the camera. Although with further testing. I was able to get my RF60s to work in HSS mode via radio through a work around. I used a YN622C to have the camera go into has mode, then I connected a Cactus v5 to the sync port of the YN622C. The v5 triggered the RF60s through the pre flash signal from the YN622C sync. Causing the RF60s to flash. Since they have a HSS pulse mode it ends up acting just like any other HSS flash. I was able to get a clean uniform frame at 1/8000. Although to get it to work you need a v5 and a YN622C. The neat thing is. I can just also have my yn622C receivers with other ttl flashes in hss I know not perfect but it works.

Very pleased to hear this.  I have 3 V5's that can be put to good use now. Will this set-up work with a V5 in the pass-thru hot shoe of the camera mounted yn622?

Thank you again for sharing your findings Brian.

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