Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

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Re: Some examples that show why a wide gamut monitor matters:

bronxbombers4 wrote:

However... wide-gamut displays do make sense for those who focus on print media and have wide-gamut printers. That's probably not a tiny number of pro and serious-amateur photographers.

What about looking at your own images on screen??

I view them on many screens. In my home, we have multiple laptops, multiple desktops, multiple HDTV's and multiple smartphones used to view/share our images. Currently, not one of them is wide-gamut. Upgrading them all would be prohibitively expensive.

We make a few prints too. But like many, we use Costco, who require sRGB.

Now, at some point, wide-gamut will start to become a de facto standard for all these devices and I look forward to that day. In the meantime, we're kinda stuck with sRGB.

It's not a great standard but it is, well, standard. And that makes it really, really useful.

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