Autofocus speed comparison of mirrorless?

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Re: Autofocus speed comparison of mirrorless?

MinAZ wrote:

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with my Nikon J1. It is the fastest autofocusing camera I have ever used bar none. To say that the speed and accuracy of the J1 AF system is blazing is an understatement. However, I find that the picture quality is somewhat modest and therefore using it always seems to be a trade-off.

I was wondering if anyone has actually used the J1 and other mirrorless cameras such as the Olympus OMD system? If so, I'd be interested in your observations regarding the AF speed comparison. I know that the J1 is much faster compared to the Sony NEX-3N that my wife uses, but I haven't had the chance to compare it with more "serious" competition.

Many mirrorless cameras released in the last year or so actually have very good autofocus speed.

Some of them have extremely fast AFS but even AFC is pretty good (and a lot better than many would have you believe).

Both my Sony FF A7 and Panasonic M4/3 GX7 have excellent AF (including AFC).

I only have the kit lens for the A7 (I got if for manual focus lenses in low light) but it is surprisingly good.

The GX7 AF works to EV -4 , it hunts a bit at that level but it does work.

The issue with both my cameras is that they shoot at 5fps with AF tracking while some other cameras do faster (both mirrorless and DSLRs) lower light the focus can struggle with both but that is the same with most cameras still.

The GX7 actually can do 40fps but that is at small size and focus and exposure fixed.

The signs look promising for the new Panasonic GH4 at 7fps (and again 40 with focus and exposure fixed but now at full size).

Fuji X-T1 seems good for AF too.

The Sony A6000 can focus and track at 11fps.....a otherwise low to mid level camera at a cheap price...

things are just going to be better still and the future looks great.

For me, both my cameras AF well enough (including tracking which is not something I often need) they will do me for a while.

Today I took both to the local charity chariot races.

I mainly used the A7 with a MF lens but took along the GX7 just to test the AFC.

Here is a 6 shot sequence with the GX7 and 45 1.8 lens just testing AFC.

EDIT.... just looking at the times taken, this was not at 5fps but was using AFC, I think it worked fine.....

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