CarrySpeed users - Material failure (suggest you check immediately)

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Re: CarrySpeed users - Material failure (suggest you check immediately)

Cliff Fujii wrote:

It looks like CarrySpeed is out of the strap business. Black Rapid sued them for using their patents without compensation. I have a couple of FS Pro straps and noted your issue a while back. I removed all of the Carry Speed hardware and replaced it with an RRS Arca Swiss clamp. It was designed for straps like the FS Pro and it provides a solid connection to an Arca Swiss compatible plate that has to be mounted on the camera. If you want to, make sure that your camera strap has limit screws installed.

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Thanks Cliff for your suggestion. From your experience did you find any issues with the actual position of the plate + camera against the side of your body when walking or rushing around.  What camera body + lens were you using the RSS system with?  I am using a D4 + 24 70 + SB910   or   70-200+SB910, quite bulky and heavy gear .    I can see my flash pointing outwards, rather than downwards when not in use and I guess more likely to get bashed in a crowded event.  Also how did you find it moving from the waist position to actually using it?   Be great to hear your  experience with this RSS device in use and if you envisage any issues if using the D4 + bulky lens + flash.

Thanks in advance

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