12-32 Does Detroit. Bleak Images. Please Critique.

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Flat view
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12-32 Does Detroit. Bleak Images. Please Critique.

Finally got to take this lens out. Desolate areas of Detroit. The lens did, well, to me it seems to lack contrast in certain situations.  Am I right that f8 is noticeably soft vs f5.6?

First four images - As you can see it was sunny but the sun was going down. I used a hood but the images seem to lack contrast. Am I expecting too much? I did play around with the images thinking the WB was off but I didn't get the colors much better, and, even if I could, I never want to PP and I'm happy with all my other lenses', color and all.

Desolate mall in the Detroit suburbs. Accidentally had auto gradation on

Gradation fixed. I was actually standing in the shadow of the building to my right when I took this, so glare wasn't an issue

Love this shot, but even Detroit has richer colors than this!

Ditto: needs a marginal boost in colors IMO

Cloudy. Empty building.

Great wide angle that looked good on camera LCD but looks lackluster here

The following shots I'm satisfied with. There are just here for your enjoyment!

Now the below shots are of this HUUUUGE used bookstore. It's the size of a couple libraries.

Don't know what I like about this one

Love this image.  Took it through a fence.  Bleak, but the colors are good to me.  And the lens was super sharp here at f5.6

So many empty buildings

Flat view
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