AA Batteries: rechargeables or disposables best for me?

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Answer for everyone else

While the OP already got the answer, I think in the future, search-ability or for other who are looking at the same line of making the purchase, here is what I'm thinking.

How often you are going to use that camera?

if all you ever want to do is purely use it as an emergency tool, then I suppose picking a camera that use AA is fine, but guess what I strongly suggest you use Alkaline instead and don't leave them in the camera. As any other electronic stuff, if you not gonna use it for a long period of time, don't leave them in the device. If your camera need 2 AA, buy 4, and have it as 2 separate set sitting next to the camera in a small box label "emergency" along with other tool you need.

If you want to use it for other thing too, then buy a better camera and don't worry about the type of battery. Most newer camera use don't use AA but instead a proprietary one, but they are lithium-ion. Even then when you brought it, you will notice the camera never have the battery come installed.

As far as what other have said about Eneloop, it's what a type of NiMH or Nichel Metal Hydride with a Low Self Discharge(LSD).  Normally NiMH have a very short shelf life and they self-discharge very quick.  Meaning once you charge it, you have to use it very soon, if you wait a month after it was fully charge it probably close to empty by then.  But the LSD is as the name implied, it self-discharge very slowly.  Once charge it, it can last a year before it self discharge by 10%, meaning you about about 90% battery life left.  The down side of the LSD battery is that it will not have as much juice as non-LSD.

And for most photographers, you maybe better off doing your own research as what suite you better.  For the most part, I use AA batteries mainly for the speedlite.  Some people may need external power-pack for their work.  I don't mostly.  Alkaline usually don't do well for the flash gun, usually don't provide large number of pops.  And even for NiMH, each one have specific characteristic.  Some people will prefer Eneloop 2000 for this, I prefer PowerEX 2700.  Most photographers after doing their own research will end up picking one(well more like a pack of 4) of these.

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