why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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Re: It shouldn't....read this

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24P not only for "film-like look" - it's the only way to distribute 1080p on Blu-ray without resorting to some funky scan conversion.

I'm not understanding this. We have been burning 60p BlueRays for years for our travel shows. To me, the MUCH smoother motion is vastly preferable on a large screen. (We don't do much video on our shows. Mostly Ken Burns effects of various sorts.)

Check here for specs:

Blu-Ray Video

(It appears that the manufacturers are beyond the standard spec: "Many current Blu-ray players and recorders now support 1920×1080 video at the full 60p and 50p progressive format." As I say, our Blu-Ray burning software and players have been happy with 60p for years.)

Having said that, the most objectionable aspect of video on the OM-D (I have the E-M5) is break-up of fine detail (coarse grain, other artifacts) when the scene is rapidly changing, as rough sea or trees in panning. Bandwidth and codec limitations. As many have said.

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The BoxerMan

To my knowledge, the Blu-ray video standard only supports 720p60, not 1080p60.

The thing I forgot to mention about my workflow is that I must also be able to distribute DVDs (an even bigger concern for me at this time), and the only progressive mode for that is 480p24. The fact is, my current preferred video workflow is 24p, for which I have camcorders.

You might be surprised at how many people do not have Blu-ray, only DVD, and there are cases where I don't even bother to output to Blu-ray, DVD being good enough. But I refuse to publish any DVD in native 480i -- at least, for those who have the equipment, 24p displayed on a 60Hz flat screen with the inherent pull down jutter is much less objectionable than 30p converted to 60i, and even better if they have a true 120Hz screen.

So for me, at least for the near future, my main workflow will continue to be 24p. I am aware of Blu-ray's 720p60 capability, and perhaps at some point I will experiment with shooting 1080p24 with the EM-1, and outputing to 720p60. For now, I'm happy to edit on a 1080p24 timeline, and output to 24p DVDs and Blu-rays. The more significant advance for me will be a 60p workflow - someday.


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