why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

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Re: why does the E-M1's video get dissed?

William Porter wrote:

Need some help from you video mavens.

I gather that the consensus is that Panasonic's recent bodies do video "better" than Olympus's. To put it more the way that interests me, I gather that the view of the cognoscenti is that the E-M1's video is not one of the otherwise excellent camera's strong points.

Why not?

All things being equal, it is just not as good as others have said....still seems ok to me.

What doesn't the E-M1 do that some recent Panasonic camera can do? And who does this matter to?



Actually, I would look at what it can do that the Panasonic cameras can not.....

The GX7 is widely praised for its video....and it is pretty good...

Thing is though, the Oly has a mic jack.....GX7 does not.

Oly has stabilized video.....GX7 does not.

Oly can record video over ISO 3200....GX7 can not.

Those things can matter in many cases more than a bit of IQ difference.

You can do better with Panasonic and  higher level (video) cameras like the GH3 and GH4 of course but the GX7 is often considered in choosing a stills camera alongside the E-M1.

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