Fuji 16-50?

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Ed B
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Re: Nope

RhysM wrote:

Nope, cheap mass consumer produced piece of plastic just to make a bit money for Fuji by enabling them to bundle it with the cheap X cameras in order to fund the R&D of the real X lenses/cameras.

I will get the 16-55 2.8 though. But definitely won't ever be buying an XC lens, it's not what the true X system was/is about.

I guess there's a lot of truth in what you're saying but that basically describes 99.9% of kit zoom lenses from every manufacturer.

They can't sell a body by itself so they bundle the cheapest zoom possible to get someone started.

Just the same, most of these kit lenses satisfy the majority of consumers and many of them never buy another lens.

I agree the 18-55 is a much better (in every way) lens but I'd also bet the 16-50 is just as good as most other manufacturer's kit lenses.

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