Odd G1X MK2 focusing quirk

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Re: Odd G1X MK2 focusing quirk

Max@Home wrote:

Indeed it does as-you-described, in low-loight AND in Macro/CloseUp shots... I had not noticed this before, because I almost always move the Focussing Point over my subject(s) first and hardly use the central AF point :-), but indeed, at the Central AF point the AF is 'less smooth and solid' than when you adjust the FP first...

Glad to read this (well, sorta), because it makes me feel like I wasn't completely insane for noticing it.

...or perhaps this is a build-in quirk to force G1X-2 users to keep their subjects out of the middle (often makes for less attractive images) and use 'any' of the other AF possibilities...

Perhaps.  I do use an old school "focus and recompose" technique, always using center AF point then recomposing.  It's really hard for me to imagine shooting any other way.  90% of my shots are "off the cuff" where I don't really feel like I have time to move focus points around.

If there's interest, I can cut up and upload a video I took demonstrating this phenomena.  It's terrible quality though.

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