Fuji 16-50?

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Re: Fuji 16-50?

Lmendy wrote:

I like the 18-55. I would like to try the 16-50. There are 3 considerations that make me think the 16-50 might be a better choice (on an XE2 body):

1. Light weight and easier to shoot one handed.

2. Wider

3. I frequently change the aperture on the 18-55 accidently. I have the 27mm pancake and actually prefer adjusting the aperture with the rear dial on the camera body.

My biggest concern is image quality. Is the image quality similar between these 2 lenses?

Thanks to all.

No the 16-50 is not as "good" as the 18-55 but that's not to say it's not a pretty good lens and it is about $500.00 cheaper than the 18-55.

It's just my opinion but if the lens is used in good light (outdoors) I doubt that most people would be able to see a big difference in image quality. The 18-55 is better optically but most people won't notice this when their pictures are viewed on a computer screen

In lower light situations the 18-55 has pretty big advantage, especially at the wider angles and the 18-55 will give you better subject isolation (background blur) if that's what you're looking for.

18-55 has a much better build quality but that doesn't really make a lot difference because either lens will be durable a probably last a long time.

I don't own the 16-50 lens but considering the price I'd bet it's a pretty good lens that would be considered as good as most kit lenses.

However, the Fuji 18-55 is rated much, much better than a normal 18-55 kit lens.

Just the same, if you don't like an aperture ring and need 16mm at the wide end the 16-50 seems to be the right lens for you.

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