Curves are hard to use.

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Re: Curves are hard to use.

suddie1215 wrote:

The old appeal to authority argument.

I trust very little of what Scott Kelby says and I've followed him since around 1990 when he used to discuss Desktop Publishing on a CompuServe Forum. This was long before he reinvented himself as a Photoshop guru and now as a photographer.

His own Kelby Training website sells a two-disk tutorial called Mastering Curves by Ben Willmore which is probably the best instructions I've seen on using Curves. If he doesn't believe in it why is he promoting and selling the product?

Kelby says whatever he thinks will benefit himself or his sponsors. Three years ago he created quite a stir by claiming that Perfect Layers - a product made by one of his sponsors OnOne Software - creates layers in Lightroom. That's not really possible but it didn't stop him from making the claim and touting the product.

Its also amusing to watch how he and his buddies touted Nikon cameras for years until Canon gave him a 1DX camera last year and suddenly Canon cameras are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

If I said, "realgeek says don't use curves -- they're obsolete," you'd feel entirely justified in laughing at me.  You don't know who I am and have no reason to pay attention to me.  However, we (probably?) all know who Scott Kelby is.  When the founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals says something about Photoshop, it carries a little more weight.  That doesn't mean it's correct, of course.  But it can't as easily be dismissed.

Criticize him all you want.  I'm just trying to help the O.P. by suggesting he not bother learning curves because not everyone thinks its worthwhile.  How's that?  No appeal to authority.

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