Nikon 1 V3 assorted daylight snaps

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Re: Tonight- I like this tonality...

Bill Dewey wrote:

On this shot, do you do any adjusting on your right hand for brightness?

Not particularly. I adjusted from raw  with a notch more shadow, clarity and exposure +0.2 ev (LR 5.4) so this is more of an ISO 1800 shot.

If not, I think the V3 did a good job of holding that highlight. So far everything I am reading is making me more annoyed that mine has not yet arrived!

LOL. I agree with you that I think the camera held the highlight well and I do like the tonality in this shot too.  I like this shot and I bet with the right raw converter or plug in the colors can be made even more appealing (i.e. the data is there, it's just LR being well LR sometimes ).

Thanks again for all the information, as well as for the advice on street shooting in your other thread.

You are welcome.

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Bill Dewey

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