Nikon 1 V3 assorted daylight snaps

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 assorted daylight snaps

bleeboo wrote:

It just seems to me, to my untrained eye, that even at ISO160, the V2 would give you images that when seen at 100%, would have levels of noise and/or detail loss that made me use the camera less than I otherwise would have, even though the fps and auto-focus, and overall build of the camera, from the feel of the shutter release, and the quality of construction was first rate.

The V3, conversely, is built in the same sort of fashion, albeit a drastically different design protocol.

The speed, construction, and responsiveness, juxtaposed with the perceived boost in image quality is making it far more fun and reliable to use, for me...and worth the price.

Size, responsiveness, acceptable IQ and speed makes me believe that the V3 is a worthy, and yes, quite expensive upgrade to the V2.

But, that's just me.

From the RAWS I have played with the V2 and my play with the V3 as a camera so far, that sounds like fairly accurate way to look at it. I think many coming from a V2 would agree, sounds about right to me.

My only concern but at least does not seem to be a major one, is some banding I see if some shadows are pushed a bit hard, and I think (but not sure as I haven't seen that many V2 raws) that the V2 sensor was more resilient to that.

But that said, it's not or not seeing it as too bad on the V3. Usually the older m4/3rds sensors (like imagine even such a semi pro/pro camera like the 4/3rds E-5) banded so easily.. it was pretty bad in that tier/price/category This one does it but so far very manageable. So no particularly unhappy with that point on the V3.

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