Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

lefantian wrote:

Hello everyone~ I'm a wedding and people (mainly newborn) photographer, and I also like to shoot landscape and daily life of family. Currently I'm using the Nikon D3s with several lenses. However, one thing I find struggling is the skintone out of the Nikon D3s always requires some labor (I mainly shoot Asian people, and the customers here do like kind of “pink and a little magenta” skintones rather than yellowish): maybe due to the AWB, and maybe also due to the camera's own color rendering.

I’m considering adding new cameras to my workflow, and the choices are:

A). Stick with Nikon and buy a D800 (with D3s as backup);


B). Switch to Canon and go for the 5DIII (maybe with 6D as a backup camera).


And once the decision is made, I’ll stick with the chosen brand for many years.

My concerns are:

1). IS there a big difference between the D800 and 5DIII in skintone rendering? Do Canon users always need to intensively adjust color for a better skintone?

Yes, by default 5D3 is pinkish, maybe that is why Asian people like it and D800 is greenish but....there is an adjustment built in to both cameras under WB. There are 4 color quadrants. With D800 you go to the bottom right quadrant 1 step (right down, I don't remember actual letters) and with 5D3 the same adjustment only top left. That would make both cameras identical.

2). IS the AF system of the 5DIII fast, accurate and reliable enough?

No. D800 is much better. In AF-S you get AF assist. Even in AF-C you get better performance. I shot with 5D3 for a year alongside D800e and was missing shots especially then background has more contrast. With D800e no problems at all. I just took over 1000 shots in low light with these conditions and not a single shot was OOF. Anyway, I sold 5D3 and bought second D800e. You also get great cropping capability with D800. You can crop 14mp to get to 5D3. 14mp is very significant.

BTW, I switched to Nikon after over 10 years shooting with Canon.

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