Sony RX10 - Pull trigger with your suggestion?

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Sony RX10 - Pull trigger with your suggestion?

OK, I have hemmed and hawed. You've probably seen me around here describing my woes about investing in a dSLR (Nikon d5100, three lenses - kit, 18-105mm and 70-300mm) and that it collects dust in my office. I have SOLD it to my local camera shop and then balked and got it back. (I know, I know…)

I am the family / friend / unofficial school&activities photographer (please don't call me a soccer mom.) I take thousands of photos a year, but in part it's because the equipment I had didn't really allow me to get the shot ON the first shot. Yes, the D5100 should have allowed for that, but I didn't really have the right lenses for that soccer game or ballet recital.  And, I need video - great video - because last I checked, one woman cannot hold a camera and take photos at the same time she holds a second, separate video camera and shoots video.  (And, no, I can't put it on a tripod because my ballerina is among others so I don't want a zoomed out static shot - I want her loveliness.)

I do use the manual settings on my cameras (also have a compact super zoom HX50V) but if in a pinch and I've literally grabbed it from my purse to shoot, I'll leave it on auto.  When I know what I'm heading into and the situation, I'll customize my settings.

I have never printed a photo over the size of 8x12 in maybe 10 years. When I do, it's been a photo canvas so pixel peeping need not apply.

I have NEVER taken my dSLR when we have flown on vacation. Only when driving… that seems like an indicator to me.

I do LOVE the depth of my dSLR photos, when I've taken them … maybe 4 x in the last two years. Seems like that's not a good argument for investing a TON more in the f2.8 lens that I'd need to catch that goal or pirouette?  (I can rent, but that seems a hassle?)

The suggest has been that I might like the Sony RX10.  One camera, good zoom, fast lens, good glass.  Terrific video.  Excellent images - maybe not professional "print for a gallery" but for my needs, will make us all very happy.  Painfully expensive but price has not budged and I'm still talking/writing about this!

Do you agree?

(I've considered the new a6000 and lenses but then I'm stuck back in the "carry and change lenses" scenario?)

If yes, I have two follow ups:

1) Everyone has suggested I keep the dSLR.  "I'll want it someday," they say, "I'd a timeless, more expandable system."  I do feel pained at the idea of giving it up. BUT, will I want THAT dSLR "someday" - no Wifi, video is subpar, other things that are now pretty outdated?  I got about $600 for my camera and lenses at the local camera shop - they have a RX10 and that would certainly help the price.

2)  I love supporting local and using the expertise of my local camera shop (shout out to Service Photos in Baltimore, MD!)  BUT they have ONE Sony RX10 that they've had in the shop (they are primarily a Nikon shop.)  So, everyone that's tried it, has tried that one.  It is in a BOX and away from the counter, not out on display, so you sort of have to know to ask for it?  I'd have to pay tax.  And while they normally are fairly understanding that people need to hold and use a camera, they will not offer any return on the RX10 because it's not their usual business. They don't want to be stuck with a marked-down open box sale, even if it's just a few photos.  That makes me nervous?  I could save tax and order online (and get more in ye 'ol bundles online) - or go local so I can go back in and ask them questions, etc. as the months go by.

Your thoughts on my two dilemmas?  Thanks SO much, as always!


Nikon D5100 Sony a6000 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
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