Leica T is out, but for who?

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T Mount the new Leica FF AF mount?

avionhkg wrote:

Alxy wrote:

Leica T is out.

In comparison, .... Sony A7/A7r with Carl Zeiss lenses, Fujifilm X with ....

The answer is : For Leica - as a stepping stone.

My prediction is that in three years' time, there will be 3 full frame mirrorless systems (AF and not counting the M): SONY A with Zeiss lenses / Fujifilm / Leica.

By the look of it, all manufacturers going for FF mirrorless will firstly experiment with APS-C format (actually, they started initially with APS-C fixed lens DC). Get the know-how on the hardware and software in a lesser product first, then stick a FF sensor into the package.

So, whether to buy the Leica T or not, one should still admire Leica's courage to go forward with the grand plan on their AF system, instead of staying with the current product lines. If you wouldn't mind parting with a couple of thousand Euros, then reward such courage with a purchase. Otherwise, one could always congratulate the brave old company which still has a vision.

I suspect Leica's 'vision' or more likely pragmatic realism is that there are only ever going to be very few buyers of their M Series while the M remains manual focus.  And as those buyers age (even more then most are currently) then that tiny market could die completely.

So even as a niche manufacturer Leica needs to be able to offer AF in future models.  Now the M mount simply isn't going to be able to cut it as an AF platform.  It being too narrow is the basic problem, especially if they want to be able to provide modern wide aperture AF lens designs for it.

So it's interesting that the T Mount, as well as offering an electronic interface, is wider in diameter than the M Mount. Yes, yes we all know the T is only APS-C and DPR seems to be going out of it's way to say don't hold your breath for a FF 'T' (as instructed by Leica so as to not cause panic amongst the faithful?) - but obviously the potential is there and I would expect Leica to grab it with both hands.

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