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Re: Joe, in the studio, I find larger format has less benefit for me.

Silverback1988 wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

Silverback1988 wrote:

When I shoot portrait in the studio,
I use 70-200 L IS USM II.
5D II ---> 160 mm f/9 ISO 250
7D ---> 100 mm f/5.6 ISO 100
Both look similarly good.
With blind test, I bet I couldn't tell the difference between two pictures.

I can, see this. Any particular reason you shoot at ISO 250 on FF?


I can't believe my eye !

The 60D shot look so soft !

I don't know about that, but my 7D or 60D is just fine, sharp at f/5.6 100mm.

I admit that my eyes don't see the sharpness difference between 5DII and 7D in my pictures,

even though my heart tell me otherwise : "There should be a difference that your eyes can not see".

And for reason to shoot at ISO 250 on FF were the lighting.

I can shoot at ISO 100 on FF, but not always.

See my post to Joe above.



I own 70-200L II and 5D2 and used to own 60D. 5D2 is clearly sharper than 60D with the same EF lenses (any EF lenses) including 70-200L II if both fill the subjects into the same AOV. APS-C sensors enlarge pixels 1.6x more to project on the output at the same size on so-called crop penalty. DXO lens+sensor tests also confirm that. The same true FF sensors will suffer more penalty when compared to MF sensors, a simply Law of Physics.

DXO 5D2 vs 60D with 70-200L II

100mm is the sweet FL from this zoom on 7D that performs worse at 135-200mm.  From DOF perspective, f2.8 on 7D is eq to F4.5 on 5D2.  Even at wide open f2.8, 5D2 is still sharper than 7D.

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