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Re: Joe, in the studio, I find larger format has less benefit for me.

Great Bustard wrote:

Not weird at all -- Equivalence in action. However, since it's a studio shot, motion blur should be a non-issue, so there's no reason not to shoot the 5D2 at ISO 100, right?

Well, not every time I could shot at ISO 100 f/9. Some of my lightings are not up to it.

Sometimes, I mix the studio strobes with some 580 EX IIs. And the speedlites are not allow me to shoot at those setting. Though I use only 1/8th power for the strobes.

I must maintain the ratio of the flashes, unfortunately.

That's why I want (or need) a new 990 EX (1 stop higher than 580 EX or 600 EX )    and AC cable please ...

If Canon has many type of speedlites as they have many lenses to choose,

the sin of not having the best sensor is forgiven  at least by me  LOL

Yes. In fact, there's a thread on this point currently running in Open Talk.

I should think that the 51 MP of the Pentax 645Z would lay waste to the 22 MP of Canon FF, so long as care is taken to minimize sources of blur (motion, diffraction, etc.). The question is if the increased resolution makes any difference to the "success" of the photo, especially keeping in mind the size the photo is displayed at.

Wow, it seems that You know everything Joe. I rarely go to Open Talk.

I must agree that the OP of that thread is need a larger format, more than his four third.

And I agree that 51 MP of the Pentax will way better than 22 MP of Canon FF.

Let's see what Canon is offering, let's hope 50+ MP or not far from that.



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