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Re: Joe, in the studio, I find larger format has less benefit for me.

Silverback1988 wrote:

When I shoot portrait in the studio,
I use 70-200 L IS USM II.
5D II ---> 160 mm f/9 ISO 250
7D ---> 100 mm f/5.6 ISO 100
Both look similarly good.
With blind test, I bet I couldn't tell the difference between two pictures.

For equivalent photos, the differences would be at a minimum, especially as the pixel counts are so similar and the shutter speeds are the same.  In this case, the primary difference would be how the zoom performs at 100mm vs how the lens performs at 160mm, which is a non-issue in this particular case.

So I ended using the 7D more, and use the 5DII outside the studio, especially when I want shallow DOF that 7D can not do with my existing lenses.
Weird huh ?

Not weird at all -- Equivalence in action.  However, since it's a studio shot, motion blur should be a non-issue, so there's no reason not to shoot the 5D2 at ISO 100, right?

In the studio, maybe the Pentax gives just a little gain over the Canon FF, if their MP is the same.
But in the outside the studio, I will consider that the larger format has "a built in ND filter" advantage over the smaller format, especially when Canon's X-sync only 1/200 - 1/250 sec.
For example,
if we work with flashes and the ambient is f/8 1/250 ISO 100, and the DOF we like is in f/5 in APSC or f/8 in FF,
we need ND filter when using APSC, but no need if we using FF.

Yes.  In fact, there's a thread on this point currently running in Open Talk.

MF camera has that advantage too over the FF, more over if the MF can sync over 1/250 sec.
But I would like to know how Canon FF camera is compared to the Pentax.

I should think that the 51 MP of the Pentax 645Z would lay waste to the 22 MP of Canon FF, so long as care is taken to minimize sources of blur (motion, diffraction, etc.).  The question is if the increased resolution makes any difference to the "success" of the photo, especially keeping in mind the size the photo is displayed at.

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