Cross platform equivalency

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Joe, in the studio, I find larger format has less benefit for me.

When I shoot portrait in the studio,
I use 70-200 L IS USM II.
5D II  --->  160 mm   f/9      ISO 250
7D     --->  100 mm   f/5.6   ISO 100
 Both look similarly good.
With blind test, I bet I couldn't tell the difference between two pictures.
So I ended using the 7D more, and use the 5DII outside the studio, especially when I want shallow DOF that 7D can not do with my existing lenses.
Weird huh ?
In the studio, maybe the Pentax gives just a little gain over the Canon FF, if their MP is the same.
But in the outside the studio, I will consider that the larger format has "a built in ND filter" advantage over the smaller format, especially when Canon's X-sync only 1/200 - 1/250 sec.
For example,
if we work with flashes and the ambient is f/8  1/250  ISO 100,  and the DOF we like is in f/5 in APSC or f/8 in FF,
we need ND filter when using APSC, but no need if we using FF.
MF camera has that advantage too over the FF, more over if the MF can sync over 1/250 sec.
But I would like to know how Canon FF camera is compared to the Pentax.

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