Curves are hard to use.

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Re: Curves are hard to use.

realgeek wrote:

Johanfoto wrote:

Knowing your tools is always where it starts. It's true that there are newer tools that can be used where curves was used in the past. Color correction is a good example. I also hardly ever use curves for that. The contrast slider in ACR or Lightroom may be improved, but it still lacks the control you do have in curves, so while it may often be enough to use that slider, it still doesn't make curves absolete. The most important point in this discussion however is not only knowing when to use curves, but first and foremost how to use it.

Curves are not replaced with a single contrast slider. Rather, the "new" tools are all the sliders together, which allow you to affect the entire tonal range.

However, Kelby's point is that Curves ARE obsolete. In fact, he would say that you are fooling yourself to think otherwise. Of course, it's fine to disagree with him. I'm just sayin' ...

I don't disagree with Kelby, I disagree with your interpretation of what he says. He says "Now, I’m not talking about creating contrast using the Tone Curve in Camera Raw, or Lightroom (because I do that all the time)". The tone curve in Lightroom or CameraRAW is just as much a curve as the curves function in Photoshop. It just means you use curves earlier in the process, but that applies to most, if not all color correction tools. So you could say that the curves function in Photoshop is obsolete, but not that curves as such is obsolete.

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