Autofocus speed comparison of mirrorless?

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Re: Autofocus speed comparison of mirrorless?

Agitater wrote:

How about posting a sample photo which depicts whatever it is you feel is poor quality. The question arises quite often: Is it the photographer or the gear? The gear is sometimes a problem, no doubt. Faulty cameras exist, no doubt. The problem is most often the photographer though - a technique issue, exposure choices, composition issues, etc., etc. A sample photo might help identify a technique issue. The point is, from a J1 you should be getting contrasty, sharp, richly colored photos that are generally noise-free. The J1 sensor is very good, the lens is very good, the image processing engine is very good.

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Howard Carson
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While it is entirely true that skill has much to play in making a photo, in this case I feel it is irrelevant. If I were to post a photo, I would be getting a critique of my photo, which is not the question I am asking. This is because:

a) What I want to know specifically is about AF speed of other mirrorless cameras. I already know the J1 is fast, but I would like to know if other mirrorless cameras are just as fast or faster. It is not my intention to get a review of the J1 image quality, which can be the topic of another (very long) discussion. I imagine it would be quite difficult to compare AF speeds from still images, but very easy to compare image quality - you can see why I did not post a picture!

b) I am the same photographer whether I use the J1 or another camera, and I wish only to compare one thing at a time. If I were to say that a great photographer can take better pictures with a J1 than a lousy photographer can with an Olympus OMD, does that really answer the question of which has the camera has better AF speed and accuracy?

c) My observations of the J1 image quality are strictly my own, but I compare it with pictures that I myself have taken with other cameras, including the EOS 70D. I tend to hold mirrorless cameras to a higher standard than traditional point and shoot. I consider mirrorless to be a "DSLR replacement" or at least backup. Therefore, my disappointment in the image quality comes from the fact that the J1 has consistently given less appealing (to me) images than my 70D.

That being said, if it turns out the J1 is indeed the fastest best focusing mirrorless camera, I would keep it anyway just for that reason, and I would be very interested at that point to discuss what can be done to improve the image quality I am getting from the camera.

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