You think there is a market there for a fast, compact zoom kit lense with good optical properties?

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Re: Aren't we already there?

Le Frog wrote:

The closest we have come so far to a compact fast zoom is the 12.5-62.5/2-4 on the Canon GXProII, which is not a system camera; and we do not know much about its IQ yet (but there is no reason to assume that it would be worse than the current crop of kit zooms). Notice that Canon did not claim that it was a feat of design, but a feat of manufacturing, due to the need for very tight tolerances.

So, I guess that at least something like a good enough 12-45/2.8-4.5 pancake zoom (not necessarily as good as the 12-40, or the 12-35, but at least as good than the kit zooms, possibly even better) should be feasible (with the caveat that those damn "tight tolerances" may refer not just to the construction of the lens, but also to the fit between the lens and the body, which would raise difficulties of an altogether different order of magnitude in the context of system cameras); and not exorbitantly expensive (considering that the price of the Canon covers the costs of both the camera AND the lens).

Thats a very good point. I wonder if the issue is that this lens is very much a collapsing lens. I would imagine that it would be collapsing well within the flange distance of mft. So i suspect the reason that the lens couldn't transfer aft body is that the mount is too small to let thelens colapse in.

If the GX1 pro had a better sensor it might be my dream camera. I'd sell up everything else and have it as my only camera

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