Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

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Re: Stick with Nikon or Go for the 5DIII ?

lefantian wrote:

Hello everyone~ I'm a wedding and people (mainly newborn) photographer, and I also like to shoot landscape and daily life of family. Currently I'm using the Nikon D3s with several lenses. However, one thing I find struggling is the skintone out of the Nikon D3s always requires some labor (I mainly shoot Asian people, and the customers here do like kind of “pink and a little magenta” skintones rather than yellowish): maybe due to the AWB, and maybe also due to the camera's own color rendering.

From my experience in "Asia" there is no such place!

People from a typical Chinese culture value "white/ whitish skin", in Thailand it is different, etc. There can never be a camera that does "all skin tones the best" because they vary so much!

Further, it is desirable to render "skin tones" to suit the clients "likes" or your work will be "disliked". Experienced photographers tune their settings to minimise their PP work. Even I do that when I fly over and shoot friends in various the countries and cultures in Asia.

I’m considering adding new cameras to my workflow, and the choices are:

A). Stick with Nikon and buy a D800 (with D3s as backup);

B). Switch to Canon and go for the 5DIII (maybe with 6D as a backup camera).

And once the decision is made, I’ll stick with the chosen brand for many years.

Ohhh, go on, just do it! Since this is a Nikon forum why not just go out and buy the Canon? Honestly, canon made the best photocopier I ever owned!

My concerns are:

1). IS there a big difference between the D800 and 5DIII in skintone rendering? Do Canon users always need to intensively adjust color for a better skintone?

2). IS the AF system of the 5DIII fast, accurate and reliable enough?

The burst shoot speed is not an issue as far as I can see. So please don’t tell me to go for the D4s/1DX as my current budget is limited to the D800/5DIII level… Thanks!

I own a D600 and I believe a more valid comparison between the Canon 5DmkIII is with the Nikon D610... not the D800 to which Canon currently has no response.

IMHO, the D610 shades the Canon principally because of better DR, IQ and colour depth. In other words, it is capable of producing better quality images.

It is also lighter and much cheaper... for the coin left over you can buy an excellent 24MPX D7100 DX camera body as a backup and for when you need that extra reach; or another decent lens.

To be sure Canon has some worthwhile advantages for some, including a 1/8000 shutter speed, a shorter shutter lag time and a different AF system. To me the Canon's biggest advantage is that, with the use of an adapter, you can use those great Nikon lenses!

Finally, the Canon does not have a built-in flash. To me, for that genre of camera, that is an absolute show stopper.   Game over!

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