Nikon 1 V3 assorted daylight snaps

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 assorted daylight snaps

I realise that when you get a camera you snap away like crazy, it's what I do to. I also realise these are street shots, light varying by the shot and that subjects are moving.

I can see some potential in the hair of the lady with the blue puffer jacket moving away from the camera. As for the others, not really. Oh and I didn't enlarge every shot.

This doesn't mean the V3 can't give more, it's just that in my opinion it hasn't given enough yet. As things go, someone might make a set of jaw dropping images, it does happen. It might be from a total newbie or someone we know on the forum. I saw the press release shots for the camera, and they were ok, given that Nikon don't seem to push for stunning shots in any camera release, the potential does remain for someone to knock us over with the clarity, dynamic range, tonal graduation and nuances of faint light that I am hoping to see out of this camera.

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