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Re: Best Flash for D610

mbyoh wrote:

Just picked up a D610. Couldn't find the answer in a search, so could anyone tell me what are the fully compatible Nikon Flash units for this camera?

Your present flashes are compatible, as are the SB-900, SB-910, and SB-700.

I have an SB 800 for my D90 and a backup SB 600. I see presently it looks like the SB 910 and SB 700 are current flashes. Would the SB 700 be a step up from from the 800 I presently have, or would it pay to spring for the SB 910? I'm mostly thinking of power output as when I shoot a wedding and such, I use a Fong diffuser or bouce, so power is the criteria. THough I do use the commander remote control sometimes. that is not the main crtieria.


The SB-800 is more powerful than the SB-700. The SB-910 is certainly a very nice flash, and I prefer its controls, but the SB-800 is still a viable, powerful Speedlight. My wife prefers the familiarity of the SB-800, which she uses for forensic shooting at night, and we have two spares. (I was lucky to find an "open box" SB-910, as it was being marked-down, and saved about $150.)

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