Question about extra batteries for my X-T1?

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Re: Question about extra batteries for my X-T1?

Sal Baker wrote:

Smiller4128 wrote:

Hello all,

I'm looking to get an extra battery (or 2) for my X-T1 and just had a quick question. IS there any issues using 3rd party batteries as opposed to OEM? And if not, which 3rd party brands tend to be better than the rest?

Stick with the major battery makers, Watson or Wasabi and you'll be fine. Don't use cheap knock-offs from China.

You should also read the Fuji warranty. The camera is not covered by damage caused by "power problems" (battery) and is not warranted against damage caused by "accessories." Damage caused by accessories, even Fuji's, are only covered by the accessories warranty. The Fuji battery warranty is 90-days, and it clearly states that liability is limited only to the replacement cost of the battery.

The Wasabi batteries have a 3-year warranty. There really is no advantage to spending more on the batteries. If the camera ever has a problem, just place the Fuji battery back in before sending it off to Fuji for repair.


Actually, Fuji asks that you not include any accessories, including the battery when you send your camera in for a warranty evaluation or repair.

I've used the cheap Chinese knock offs and most worked just fine. Had a DOA and one that had a bit to snug a fit, but otherwise no issues. Still, I wouldn't recommend it. It's not that they were horrible batteries, just that the better brands hold charge longer and only cost a couple bucks more. It's sort of like buying some off name brand AA battery. It may cost a little less for the battery itself, but if you compare how much power you get for your dollar, you're actually paying a little more for them.

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