JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

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Re: JPEG, Aperture, and Lightroom

masterofdeception wrote:

You haven't upset me so it's fine. I use both Aperture and LR (and Iridient and RPP and Silxypix), so I understand your question, but the only person who can answer your question is you. What do you like? If I tell you I like one or the other what difference would that make? It's just my opinion. Your vision is what counts, otherwise you'd be paying me to take your photographs. I am available by the way!

Well, I'm not actually asking a question, and I'm not looking for any answers

I'm just posting some samples for comparison, and am mulling over the results myself. At this point I think I prefer Lightroom for portraits (better colours) and for landscape shots, it's a bit of a wash between Aperture and Lightroom. And Photo Ninja, for some shots at least, trumps them both!

Who knows, I might go back to JPEGs! I just wish the film bracketing mode was a little quicker, because I can never settle on just one film mode.

RAWs, JPEGs, it really doesn't matter all that much if you capture a great moment, but it can be fun to eke that last little bit of detail or colour out of a favourite shot.

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