A6000- Just picked it up. Question on focus

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Re: A6000- Just picked it up. Question on focus

ryan92084 wrote:

starstreak wrote:

Neil- I think that's what the shutter speed was. ISO was 400. At the moment it was just to see how the focus was. Not so much for brightness or subject matter.
I make spelling errors. Ignore it. You're not my spelling teacher.

What I think he's trying to get at (and a point I would have made if I had noticed) is that 1/10 isn't a particularly reasonable shutter speed to hand hold without at least some bursting to get one of the shots without motion blur from your own movement. OSS helps but it doesn't mean you can shoot that slow and expect perfect shots.

Bah, my reading skills are way down tonight I didn't notice or just forgot about the table.  I'd edit or withdraw this post if I could but the time limits on this forum are really tight.

Anyway you used a table for the 1/10 which may or may not work depending on the stability of the table and the environment you are in.  Also, as another poster mentioned, use a timer otherwise your shutter press is moving the camera.

Good luck and sorry for sounding like a doofus in my quoted post.

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