A6000- Just picked it up. Question on focus

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Re: A6000- Just picked it up. Question on focus

Ok, excited to get the camera today (Best Buy pre-order came in yesterday) and I'm shooting a stationary object with the default lens.  I have manual focus point on the object, I'm shooting in A mode at f10 @1/10 and it's about 1.5ft away.  I have anti-shake off, and camera is on the table as I push the shutter.

I HAD a 5n until the screen cracked I could do that same shot and it would be in focus.  I prefocus then click the shot.  The object is slightly blurry.  I tried a few shots and one of 3 shots came out sharp.  I went to F8 and still having same issue.  Am I doing something wrong or forgetting to turn off something?

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As Neil pointed out 1/10 is really slow. I didn't see you mention that you are using the timer. I don't think the focus is the issue assuming you focused correctly, it's more like camera shake as you are pushing down the shutter button. Try to use 2 second timer, then get back to us.

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