Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

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Sebastien Guyader
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Re: Fuji RAF files are bigger than the JPG...cropping!

The RAF files are not cropped themselves. They retain everything, including distortion in the field of view. However, within the RAF file there will always be a JPG thumbnail, which has been corrected for distortion in-camera.

When you simply view your raw files in any converter, what the preview shows is in fact the embedded JPG, corrected for distorsion. With any RAW converter that recongnizes Fuji's lens distorion data, when you develop the RAF file it actually does some distortion correction in-computer. I don't use LR nor ACR, so I don't know if you can disable lens distortion correction, I hope it is possible.

Otherwise, develop your RAF files with a program which doesn't auto-correct lens distortion (but remember that even in those converters you will probably see a corrected preview, that of the embedded JPG).

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