One of the first pictures I ever made with a DSLR, how to get all sharp?

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Re: How to get all sharp?

Cingen wrote:

I thought that AF fine tuning was made to let the camera focus on the "correct" point you selected. How does this influence the general softness of a picture where because of camera settings EVERYTHING should be sharp, not just one point in the picture?

Yes, if the focus point is set correctly there will be a range of distances (depth of field) where subjects will be "acceptably sharp", depending on the aperture setting, distance, camera characteristics etc. See DofMaster for the calculator.

Unfortunately, the suggested range of acceptable sharpness is not hard and fast, and this can be clearly seen with resolution charts placed in front and back of the focus point. This is more apparent in cameras such as the D7100 which are high resolution. AF-FT is usually working within that general region, and it's sometimes believed that it has no effect on general sharpness.

It is a real effect; note that one lens manufacturer (Sigma) provides calibration software that does the same sort of thing at a range of focal lengths etc. They must know something.

There have been several reports of the 18-140mm lens requiring AF-FT, and I thought that you should be aware of that.

You will see criticism of the use of charts, along with a range of views on many other topics. I suppose that I've taken 100 or so resolution shots over the last few months, but it's not a major part of my photography.

Good luck with your photography. The D7100 is a very capable camera.

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