M43 Camera for Black and White Photography

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M43 Camera for Black and White Photography


I've narrowed down my choices to the "big 4 + 1." Namely, the Olympus E1, E5, the Fuji XT1, XE2 and the Lumix GX7.

I'm wondering if any of the above cameras significantly favor black & white photography straight out of the camera. I shoot jpeg and have a slightly curious, but limited interest in doing post production. In other words, I probably won't do it much at all other than for fun and learning new software. I don't even own Lightroom at the moment.

I'd like to shoot more in black & white (maybe 30%-60%) than I've been doing. This may affect my final decision if one of the above cameras has a distinct advantage.

Yes, I know they have the same sensors (the Olympus models and the Fujis), so handling and portability is another big deciding factor for me, along with ease-of-use, not having to spend 10 minutes going through menus and dials to change something.

If I can understand and use the ISO, exposure, aperture, EV, WB and bracketing on the camera quickly then that should get me most of the way to paying attention to taking photos.

I live in rural Asia and do 99% of my photography outdoors. This could be anything from village/street scenes, outdoor portraiture/livelihoods, traditional ceremonies, festivals, temples with significant high/low light contrasts and landscapes.

I'd consider myself a pre-intermediate photographer. I'm trying to get back into it (ambitiously and enthusiastically, I hope) after years away. The photos on this website are all mine as a reference to my skills (if any) http://www.visitbanteaychhmar.org/

I was in Bangkok a few weeks ago, and managed to handle a few of the above cameras in-store. I have small hands, but I found the E5 a little hard to hold. I shoot left-eye with glasses. The E1 'felt' like a camera in my hand. I couldn't really definitively decide on how the XE2 and GX7 felt. I didn't try to XT1.

Bangkok is completely useless for customer service and knowledge, but I may have no choice but to buy there. I still need a little more 'hand-holding' to know what will be the best choice.

My top budget is $2,000 for camera + lens(es) - a good everyday prime and a good quality mid-zoom range should be enough for me (I think:)

The only DSLR on my 'watchlist' is the 7100. But, size and portability is a very big concern for me given my lifestyle and living conditions.

Whatever decision I make, I'd be moving up from a Nikon D3100 which has broken twice recently, along with a broken 3000 from a few years ago. So, no more entry-level Nikons for me. I'm sure all of the above will be a step up.

Sorry for the digressions.



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