Ok, it REALLY seems like A6k is using CDAF-only in most AF-S patterns! (moderate light)

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Ok, it REALLY seems like A6k is using CDAF-only in most AF-S patterns! (moderate light)

I just did a bunch of A6000 AF tests in mixed (dim to moderate) indoor lighting... silver SEL5018, manual mode, ISO ranging from 600-1000 (my settings, not Auto ISO), 1/80, f1.8.

I'm officially getting much snappier performance with AF-C than I am with AF-S or AF-A, at least in this light. Pre-AF off, flex-point medium (or wide, or zone), tracking on or off (on only applies to AF-C). Strangely-enough, this doesn't seem to apply to the center focus mode in AF-S/AF-A, where the speed is comparable to the results in AF-C, but it *does* apply to a medium flex AF point set dead center, which you'd think would be similar!

Better results AF-S vs. AF-C has been reported before, but the really weird thing is that beyond just being slower in AF-S, the camera is definitely acting like a CDAF-only camera in the slower modes... albeit definitely faster than CDAF on my old NEX-5.

To clarify, in AF-S/AF-A wide/zone/flex (static subjects, so AF-A is using AF-S), the focusing system is hunting at least a tiny bit on every focus attempt (makes sense given the report that PDAF is used and then fine-adjusted with CDAF), however quite often (25% of the time?) the focus travel starts off in the wrong direction, before reversing at the focus limit and coming back, past the original focus setting, until it finally locks focus! That says to me that PDAF is not being used in this scenario, i.e. the camera doesn't know which direction to focus in!

As I said, using center AF in AF-S is the anomaly... it seems snappy and decisive like the AF-C focus modes, which all travel straight to the focal point, in the right direction every time, and lock on with maybe the tiniest little flutter right at the end, usually not even noticeable. The only exception is if flex is set to small point and the point is on a something that's one solid color.

I'd really like to know if I'm alone in having this issue... is my camera defective? If it's a common issue I'm not going to sweat it... maybe a FW update will be forthcoming, maybe not, but in the meantime I think I've finally worked out the perfect focus setup for me, which is AF-C, Flex AF point medium, tracking w/shutter. I'll probably switch to other AF-C AF point patterns as the need arises, but this combo seems to be very reliable, allowing me to focus on exactly what I want and then recompose with the button half pressed... tracking keeps the focus on my initial focus point as I recompose, even though I'm in AF-C.

Edit: lens is updated to newest firmware.

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